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At Blue Poppy we pride ourselves on our reputation of providing cutting-edge knowledge and a wide range of industry experience, but we hang our hat on customer satisfaction. Above all else, we’re committed to our clients and inspired by their customers.

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Listen, Understand, Collaborate, Design, Execute and Measure

At Blue Poppy SEM, we know good design implemented at every tier of a marketing initiative drives top line and bottom line results. Our diverse team of experts collaborate with clients that want smart, innovative solutions.

Solution Approach

Solution Approach

Our Solution Based Approach

Blue Poppy stands head and shoulders above in this market because of the synergies that pour into our client’s campaigns. Angie’s formal advertising and PR training, Jay’s success in managing successful project launches and Carey’s experience managing an organization provide a distinctive solution that client’s won’t find in an ordinary agency.

Once we understand our client’s organization, market and goals we design a comprehensive solution that provides a full resolve. Our experience in traditional marketing, advertising and public relations allows us to succeed here. In some cases in addition to digital media we employ traditional advertising solutions like print media and press releases. The beauty of our solutions in addition to their comprehensive nature is their scalability. We can scale up or down to meet a client’s budget – That’s complete customization!


Google AdWords Certified Partner

Google AdWords Certified Partner

Blue Poppy Creative Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, one of less than 200 in the US. As most client campaigns are holistic in approach and include AdWords we provide that service at a quality level over and above the majority of our competition. The benefits are straightforward: better results at a lower cost. We also have a great working relationship with the Google AdWords team and consult with them on client campaigns regularly, which opens a wealth of resources to our clients.

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