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At Blue Poppy we pride ourselves on our reputation of providing cutting-edge knowledge and a wide range of industry experience, but we hang our hat on customer satisfaction. Above all else, we’re committed to our clients and inspired by their customers.

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Blue Poppy Specialty Services

Blue Poppy clients hail from a broad array of industries – from retail and e-commerce products and services to complex reputation management, co-operative advertising and community building. Our capabilities and experience allow us to successfully promote our clients in their distinct markets.

Over the years we have developed several specialty ‘niche’ client service areas: Software as a service (SAAS) companies, franchise co-op advertising programs and real estate and related industries like lending institutions and closing attorneys.

Solution for Consumer and B2B SaaS Companies

SAAS Companies – These technology businesses understand the importance of digital marketing for their success. These companies marketing budgets tend to be well funded relative to other start ups, but are very focused on product development, market research, etc. They typically outsource specialty marketing needs. Blue Poppy generally starts with a consulting relationship that evolves into one or more digital marketing campaigns.

Blue Poppy has relationships at the Georgia Tech incubator and has launched companies like, Viximo.com, Where2Bank.com, and GenerationStation.com.

Solutions for Co-op and Franchise Adverting

Franchise and co-operative advertising programs – Franchise businesses are ideal for digital marketing campaigns. Franchisors and franchisees make a significant investment in their brands. Blue Poppy Creative Marketing provides brand-building locally and nationally for franchisees and franchisors.

Strength in Numbers

Franchise businesses with multiple regional territories can really drive ROI by combining their advertising dollars to drive out the competition, increase brand recognition and client conversion. Our co-operative campaigns are designed to create a win-win for all participants. Due to the large reach of these campaigns the franchisor may direct some of the franchisees’ marketing fees to support the co-op program.

Solutions for Residential Real Estate and Related Industries

Residential Real Estate and Related Institutions – Blue Poppy Creative Marketing has significant experience in Atlanta area and greater southeast market. Angie developed, launched and maintained John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods on-line marketing program over her six year tenure with the award-winning developer. Jack has a 16 year history as a successful residential real estate developer. While the home sale market has slowed dramatically, home sales are still occurring and home buyers are increasingly researching properties and homes on-line. As a result, homebuilding industry is increasing the use of digital marketing to promote their properties.

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